Our Mission
We can only help. Relationships are personal things. There is a sense of personal responsibility when it comes to growing in a relationship with anybody. Our purpose is to provide environments, opportunities and contacts for those who want to go deeper. We want to help but, in the end we can only do so much, the rest is up to each individual. Our prayer is that we will get an opportunity to help, that’s why we exist.
We are “people focused” not “program focused.” We love people and believe in the value of every person. The environments and opportunities The Link provides exist only as a means for people to form deeper relations with their Creator and their fellow human beings. All environments are up for grabs. They can be modified, changed and scraped as often and as necessary to make sure they are effective. They are a means, tools and avenues to an end and the end is all about people.
It is all about relationships. Everything rises and falls based on relationships. We were made for relationships. That is why solitary confinement is such a serious form of punishment. We need and want powerful relationships. That is why Jesus came. So we could know Him and the Father. But He also came so we could have healthy relationships with each other. The Link wants to help each individual make vital and healthy connections with God and other people. We believe that the person who has these relationships will enjoy a more satisfying and productive life.
We were made for a connection with God. Worship comes natural. All over the world where ever we go people worship something. We were made for a personal relationship with God and there is this longing, drive or a “spiritual pull” within us all that coaxes us towards Him. God wants to be known by each of us. He wants every individual to have a liberating and empowering relationship with Him. Jesus told us that was why He came. If that is what Jesus’ purpose was, helping people know God, then this should also be the purpose of His Church. The Link exists to make Him known and help those who want to know Him better.
Each Other:
We are not islands. Life is not meant to be lived alone. Neither loneliness, nor superficial or dysfunctional relationships satisfy what every individual is looking for, which is to be known and to know. Every person needs and should have a close group of friends who they share life with. The Link is relationally driven. We want to help each individual find and develop these relationships with others. Also, we believe that every Christ follower should be intentionally developing relationships with those who are pre-Jesus. Jesus was intentional about building these relationships and we believe that every believer should be as well.
Our Values
Externally Focused:
The Link is an externally focused church. We love our community and we are concerned with the needs we see there and around the World. We exist to make a difference like Jesus did. We believe that every person wants to make a difference and pursue his/her unique purpose in the world.
The Link is a relationally driven church. We believe that every person is searching for healthy and significant relationships with God and other people. We want to help people pursue these relationships through: 1) Powerful worship opportunities. 2) Healthy Life Groups (A small group of friends sharing life and studying the Bible) and 3) Community Service efforts.
Unconditional Acceptance:
We unconditionally accept everyone, just as Jesus did. Each and every person has great value and is deeply loved by God.
We want everything we do to be relevant, to make a difference and to pertain to real life. This means what we do will be “needs based” and done with transparency so that others might see and learn about a real Christianity and how it might be lived out.
Here at The Link we do not have the “urge to dirge” but we do love to laugh and enjoy life. We want to spread the joy we have in Jesus and experience abundant life.